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Aug 30, 2019 · Sign in to Your info on the Microsoft account website. Select Edit date of birth. Change your birthdate, and select Save. For child accounts, or parents changing a child's birthdate. If your child is above the statutory age (13 in most regions), they’ll need to sign in and update their birthdate using the steps for an adult account.

Birth date. The most basic form of age verification is to ask users to input their date of birth on a form. However, this depends on an honor system that assumes the validity of the end user (which can be a minor who fraudulently inserts a valid date that meets the age criteria, rather than their own), and has thus been described as ineffective.

Jul 14, 2016 · because he had to use that same info when he age verified on the older system where you had to use social security number or drivers license number and birth date and he passed the age verification.. but still could not get into moderate or adult.

Visa Requires Age Verification System Service for All Adult Transactions Social Networking Sites Warned to Start Using Age Verification System Devices UK launches plan to require age verification for adult websites Article About BirthDate Verifier™: Read the report on age verification and the BirthDateVerifier option.