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Below you will find a list of all upcoming leagues with their current registration status and the schedule for the teams currently playing. (WI)-Winter, (SP)- Spring, (SU)-Summer, (FA)-Fall Upcoming R Registering FA Free Agents F Sold Out.

Softball (over 18) FALL (August) SPRING (March) The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department, in collaboration with Greenville Sports Leagues (GSL) will host Adult Softball Leagues throughout the 2018-2019 year.GSL will manage and operate the fall season, and the City will resume management of the league during the spring.

National Adult Baseball Association National Adult Baseball Association NABA is one of the Fastest Growing Adult Baseball Organizations in America. 1 of 1; Tournaments Leagues Sign Up and Play Step Into Our Dugout! We provide all the information you will need to become a player, manager, coach, sponsor or fan of the NABA.