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A thalamic glioma, as its name implies, is a glial tumor characterized by a primary growth center within or very near the thalamus. These tumors are very rare and account for a small minority of brain tumors in children and young adults.

Mar 10, 2016 · Unilateral adult thalamic gliomas are rarely reported. In this study, the authors aimed to analyze the clinical, radiological, and pathological features of adult primary unilateral thalamus gliomas (UTGs). Clinical data of 33 UTGs in adults who underwent surgical treatment between 20at Cited by: 8.

Thalamic Astrocytoma and Hypothalamic Astrocytoma. Thalamic astrocytoma and hypothalamic astrocytoma are both a type of glioma (which is a type of brain tumor), meaning that they arise in the brain’s glial or supportive tissues.. Thalamic and hypothalamic astrocytomas develop in the thalamus – a deep-lying part of the brain responsible for identification of sensation, such as temperature.

Jul 25, 2011 · Astrocytoma: the most common adult brain tumor. Jul 25, 2011. We’ll start out our little series on brain tumors with astrocytomas, the most common type of brain tumor in adults (accounting for 80% of all primary brain tumors in adults).